Ocular Research
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Sengi translates niche research results into business language

Sengi elevates your ocular research from brilliant idea to marketable product. We take care of the paperwork from the pre-clinical trial phase through to the conference presentation, freeing you to focus on strategy.

If your business is looking for professional medical writers to take on the planning, analysis, and reporting of your ocular clinical trials for a variety of audiences, you’ve come to the right place.

What can Sengi do for you?

Clinical Trial Documentation

Preparation or review of clinical trial documentation for regulatory bodies and ethics committees in North America.

Results Analysis

Analysis of trial results including data inspection, cleaning, modelling, and biostatistics.

Report Writing

Written reports for review by governing authorities, sponsors, and peers.

Presentation Materials

Drafting and design of conference presentation materials.

Peer-review article writing

Co-authored writing and editing of articles for peer-review publication.

Our Professional Work Flow

We have a simple but efficient workflow process to getting your project completed!

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Paperwork Preparation

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Document Submission

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Our Portfolio of Work

Ocular Research Simplified

Bringing ocular research advancements out of the lab and into the hands of those who need it requires hours preparing documentation. Let Sengi take care of the paperwork so you can focus on your business.

Delivered On Time

Timing and volume of documentation for clinical trials can be intimidating. Sengi writers are seasoned professionals who work diligently to meet your deadlines.

Qualified Professionals

The Sengi team is led by medical writer and biostatistician, Dr. Brad Hall. Dr. Hall holds a PhD in Vision Science and Biology.


We make the security of your research and marketing plans our top priority at every stage of our process.