Comfort after Refitting Symptomatic Habitual Reusable Toric Lens Wearers with a New Daily Disposable Contact Lens for Astigmatism

Wan K, Mashouf J, Hall B. Comfort after refitting symptomatic habitual reusable toric lens wearers with a new daily disposable contact lens for astigmatism. Clinical Ophthalmology 2023;17:3235-3241.


To subjectively evaluate comfort with a daily disposable (delefilcon A for astigmatism) contact lens compared to other common weekly/monthly soft toric contact lenses in symptomatic wearers.


This open-label, single arm study enrolled current reusable soft toric lens wearers with minimum score of 12 on the contact lens dry eye (CLDEQ-8) questionnaire. Subjects were also administered the CLDEQ-8 after 1 replacement schedule of their optimized habitual toric lenses (2 to 4 weeks), and after 2 weeks of wear with delefilcon A toric daily disposable lenses (Dailies Total1 for Astigmatism; Alcon Vision LLC, Fort Worth, Texas).


A total of 85 subjects completed the study. Mean total CLDEQ-8 score was 16.8 ± 8.1 for subjects refit with their optimized habitual toric lenses and 12.4 ± 7.5 for subjects refit with delefilcon A toric lenses, a difference of 4.3 ± 10.4 (p < 0.001). With delefilcon A toric lenses, 78.9% of subjects reported little to no intensity of eye discomfort, compared to 51.7% for the habitual toric lenses (p = 0.005). In addition, 77.7% of subjects reported little to no intensity of dryness for delefilcon A toric lenses, compared to 50.6% for the habitual toric lenses (p = 0.001).


The subjective comfort in symptomatic habitual reusable toric contact lens wearers was improved by refitting with delefilcon A toric lenses.

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